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Tom Recchion - The Incandescent Gramophone 10"

Tom Recchion



The LAFMS, Poo-Bah Records, and The Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission brings you an homage and exploration of the 78 rpm vinyl medium in true 78 phonic quality. The proposal was to make a mysterious object out its time--a conundrum. Something technologically obsolete, by the most standards. It is an homage to the beginnings of recording technology by combining current methodologies with older mediums of sound reproduction. The compositions derive its sounds from only 78 rpm records--the clicks, cracks, scratches, samples of previous recordings, internet mp3s, as well as the sounds that the record makes as an object in three dimensional space. Recchion says, “I wanted to make an object that will force people to seek out ways to listen to it. Most homes don’t have 33 rpm turntables anymore and even less with 78 players. For the 100 copies left in public spaces, the piece requires a personal effort of exploration. Those that don’t ever listen to it and end up storing it on a shelf, it becomes an object of mystery and is transformed into something other than what it is intended for. It becomes a curiosity. Some will disregard it totally. I’m interested in a historical and technological collision and the confusion that may occur.” Hand numbered copies, limited to 500.  Remember - this plays at 78!!!

2 007
Track Listing: 
  1. The Incandescent Gramophone
  2. The Song Of Mister Phonograph

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