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LA Times says “Box Box” is quite the stunner"

on Mon, 12/12/2016 - 13:59

The LA Times edition for Monday, December 12, 2016  in their year-end Box Set picks...

Los Angeles Free Music Society, “LAFMS Box Box” (Box Editions)

Founded in Pasadena in the early 1970s, the Los Angeles Free Music Society has served as the region’s hub for free improvisation across nearly 50 years. This dense, imposing set of music features seven hours of recordings made at the Box gallery in Los Angeles during the 2012 exhibition “Beneath the Valley of the Lowest Form of Music: The Los Angeles Free Music Society 1972-2012.” It features contributions by notables including visual and audio artists such as Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Jim Shaw, Rick Potts, Dennis Duck, Dani Tull and a dozen-plus others.

Who needs 13 albums worth of improvised music? With so many brilliant visual minds involved, you’d be surprised. As keepsake, “Box Box” is quite the stunner; it features a few posters, a download code and a wondrous 52-page book that documents the various sonic contraptions, Dr. Seuss-ian horns and amplified circuitry that propelled the mesmerizing – and occasionally dissonant – sounds within. The set is dedicated to Kelley, who died while the 2012 exhibition was happening, and the performances recorded in the wake of his passing are particularly resonant. $355 at Forced Exposure. 

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