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Ace Farren Ford (The Mystery Band) - Wood CD

The Mystery Band



The Mystery Band was started as a conspiracy between Ace Farren Ford, Richard Snyder, Gary Riley & Pierre Dupuy in 1987. Originally a quintet including Maurice Jones (who left in 1996 for an illustrious solo career) the group debuted at the legendary and now defunct Palomino Club in North Hollywood in March of 1988.

Their first release was a 7 inch single entitled "Tasting The Smell Of Light" on SFTRI in 1989, followed several years later by their first CD, the now out-of-print "Insert Title Here" on Birdcage in 1996 (during the interim they managed to back the notorious British artist Savage Pencil on an abstract CD called "Ether Hogg", also on SFTRI, 1994).

In 1996 they contributed a track on the unlikely compilation "Merry Maladies" on Cleopatra (backing founder Ace Farren Ford on a "solo" track called "Scurvy") and closed the millennium by signing with the AIM Recording Company, who have released the LP "Leo, Gemini, Capricorns and Jones, Ltd." and the 7” EP "Rebels Without Applause" from the original first album sessions, and will shortly be reissuing the out-of-print debut CD as "Resume (Reinsert Title Here)." Naturally all releases contain previously un-issued tracks so that die-hard Mystery Band fans will have to have them all.

The band was joined by the legendary Larry Mister E. Easter, (veteran of such history making outings as Harvey Mandel's Cristo Redentor and 3 Linn County LPs) on horns and woodwinds in 2001.

The Mystery Band are:
Ace Farren Ford - vocals, washboard, tenor & soprano saxophone, trumpet, chinese musette (suona), one-string 3/4 banjo & occasional bass guitar.
Lance Growler Richard Snyder - vocals, bass & bass guitar, guitar, marimba, mellotron, harmonium.
Gary Mercury Leatherwing Riley - vocals, guitars, national steel & lap steel guitar, hurdy gurdy, accordian, keyboards, mandolin, banjo & harmonica.
Pierre Bamboo Dupuy - vocals, drums & percussion, washtub bass, guitar, banjo & mandolin.
Larry Mister E. Easter - baritone & soprano saxophones, shaums, clarinet, digeridoo, flutes, neys and what have you.

Limited to 1,000


2 008
Track Listing: 
  1. Katydid
  2. Gulag Archipelago
  3. Jesus On The Radio
  4. The Storm
  5. Piano Interlude: Opus 1
  6. Guitar Gritt'n
  7. One Man's Trash
  8. The Hoopty Man
  9. Black And Blue
  10. Got To Have Her
  11. Field Recording: Pollard Street
  12. Highland Park
  13. 1971
  14. Mistreatin' Mama
  15. Trapped
  16. Update
  17. After Mary's Fall
  18. Piano Interlude: Opus 2
  19. Old Man Mose

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