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Ace Farren Ford - Artificial Artist CD

Ace Farren Ford


Transparency/Ace & Duce

The Ace & Duce/Transparency label has released a CD documenting Ace’s noise music historical past.

This compilation is pompously titled “Artificial Artist” and features several recordings of improvisational tweedlings from the years 1981-1987 for no particular reason, and features such luminaries as Dr. Odd, Ju Suk Reet Meate and Oblivia from Smegma, Phil Irwin and Marla Vee of Rancid Vat, M.T. Lubotamy & the Spudbub of the Child Molesters and the notorious Allergy Three, as well as John Paul Bormann, Donald Byrnes (South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble alumni), Karen Fowler, and Anne Harney. This threatens to be the first of several CDs from the archives of field recordings and not-so-field recordings from the Ace & Duce vaults.

2 009
Track Listing: 
  1. Are We There Yet? – Recorded in a car on a plastic cassette recorder, January 23-25, 1981 from the documentary “Live in San Francisco with the Allergy 3”. (Ark Welding, Art Less, Ace Farren Ford)
  2. A Hyperactive Stillness – Recorded January 16, 1981 at 5281 Coringa Drive, Highland Park. (The Spudbub, Ace Farren Ford with little S.A., M.T. Lubotomy, & Honeygal)
  3. Check The Thomas Brothers – same as track 1
  4. The Caddy – Recorded Sunday, November 23, 1986 at 4843 Townsend, Eagle Rock. (Ju Suk Reet Meate, Oblivia, Phil Irwin, Marla Vee, Dr. Odd, Karen Fowler, Ace Farren Ford)
  5. Are We Lost? – same as track 1
  6. Take Cover (Anne’s Song) – Recorded January 1, 1987 at 4843 Townsend, Eagle Rock (Dr. Odd, Karen Fowler, Anne Harvey, Donald Byrnes, Ace Farren Ford)
  7. We Are Looking For Bill Graham’s Winterland – same as track 1
  8. Starvation Army – Recorded Thursday, January 8, 1987 at 4843 Townsend, Eagle Rock (John Paul Bormann, Ace Farren Ford)
  9. As Don Vliet And His Boys Will Play There Tonight – same as track 1
  10. Jordan Amp Jump – Recorded February 1, 1981 at 5281 Coringa Drive, Highland Park. (Ark Welding, John Paul Bormann, M.T. Lubotomy, Ace Farren Ford)
  11. One Wrong Turn And Things Can Get Smelly – same as track 1
  12. The Righteous Greaseball – same as track 4
  13. Thar Beuh Pyramid – same as track 1
  14. S.P.F.M.E. Rides Again – same as track 8
  15. Hung Ducks In The Windows – same as track 1

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